From brushing their first tooth, to their first trip to the dentist, a child’s oral health plays a key part in their early year’s wellbeing and at the Oral Health Foundation, we are dedicated to working with nurseries and schools to improve the oral health of young children.

Worldwide, between 60% and 90% of school children have tooth decay, with oral disease being higher among poor and disadvantaged communities while according to the World Health Organisation, around 16% - 40% of school children aged 6-to-12 are affected by dental trauma due to unsafe playgrounds, unsafe schools, road accidents, or violence.

Children’s oral health is generally improving but fundamental problems still exist.

Children not being taken to the dentist, not being provided with toothbrushes and fluoride toothpaste and having unbalanced diets loaded with sugar.

How teeth are cared for during a child’s early years has a strong impact on the health of their mouth in adulthood. The health of baby teeth set a precedent for the future health of adult teeth and this includes the likelihood of developing tooth decay in the permanent teeth.

The good news is nearly all dental disease is preventable.

Schools can can not only help forge a child’s educational future but make a positive difference to their future health as well.

The programmes we develop allow teachers to create a platform where basic lessons can be passed on directly to children so they can learn the value of good oral hygiene. We support around 1,000 nurseries and schools every year by providing them with materials.

Join us and help increase the amount and quality of oral health education in the classroom.

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