Special project grants

Do you have a special project that's close to your heart? Perhaps you want to do something good for the local community where your head office is, or maybe you have a specific audience you are looking to make a positive impact on.

Whether you would like you to improve oral health in the elderly, the diet and nutrition of young children or provide much needed support for homeless or vulnerable people in your area, we can help you to achieve these goals. 

Supply us with a grant and we can run your special project to make a big difference in oral healthcare. 

Sponsor events and individuals

Every year, we have thousands of people contacting us with wonderful ideas to make a positive impact on oral health.

We have supporters visiting schools to teach hundreds of children about the importance of tooth brushing, fundraisers taking part in extreme challenges, and even people taking their skills to deliver oral health services oversees.

If you would like to support any of these projects, or similar ventures, there are plenty of opportunities. It’s a great chance to help and offer your support to individuals looking to do their bit of good.

Take the next step

Email Kerry Geldart with your details of your special project, to see who's looking for sponsorship or any other way you'd like to offer your support.