AlignerCo Review (2022)- Does It Work?

Are you weary of hiding your smile due to crooked teeth? Are your teeth causing you an embarrassment to smile confidently?

You are not alone!

Not all of us have a perfect set of teeth naturally, but luckily there are methods to fix misaligned teeth, no matter the age.

Your smile is the first thing everybody notices about you. If you have crooked teeth, you would feel conscious, and it may even cause psychological issues to some people.

Hi, My name is Liza, and I’m 24yrs old. Fixing my misaligned teeth would mean a lot to me because deep down, I just really don’t like the way I look when I smile. The gap between my teeth kept me from laughing and smiling confidently.

Many times I was bullied, teased, and humiliated because of my deformed teeth. My mother was worried about seeing how desperately I needed to fix my teeth problems, but it was the high cost of metal braces holding us back.

Also, who wants that annoying and unattractive look of metal braces?

I was searching around the internet, which is when I came across  AlignerCo clear braces.

The company claims to be one of the most affordable invisible aligner makers for teeth straightening.

In the beginning, I was skeptical about the company and thought it was just a scam and a waste of time.

Today I really thank myself for not listening to my fear and giving AlignerCo invisible aligners a try.

They have definitely changed my world. The program has motivated me, and my confidence is boosted enough, which has helped me to strive for more in life and my career.

AlignerCo is a wonderful brand, but for you to be sure, I would recommend you to read the AlignerCo Review before considering them as a choice for straightening your teeth.

What is AlignerCo?

AlignerCo Kit

Before we dive into the full information, let’s first do a little refresher about AlignerCo!

AlignerCo offers one of the most affordable invisible aligners treatments to straighten teeth discreetly.

Like other aligner companies, AlignerCo creates a personalized aligner treatment that they ship directly to you.

According to the AlignerCo company, they make the clearest aligners in the market.

The aligners are prepared with an ultra-care FDA-approved plastic build-up by DENTSPLY Raintree Essix, Inc. These aligners allow you to get a straighter smile easily and quickly.

What’s unique about AlignerCo is its incredibly affordable cost, which is much lower than the industry average.

Founded in May 2019, AlignerCo is pretty young.  It is birthed out of Straight My Teeth, an established aligner brand in the U.K, even though AlignerCo is the newest in the U.S, they’re backed by skilled industry experts.

So, how does it work? Let’s take a closer look at the entire AlignerCo teeth-straightening procedure.

How does AlignerCo work?

Is it possible to straighten your teeth from home?

What is to be done if something goes wrong? These are some important questions, and I’m sure you will find that AlignerCo offers a pretty good solution.

Let’s find out!

AlignerCo Procedure

Before you start the treatment with AlignerCo, you have to go through a super easy assessment test – this will help you instantly understand if you’re the right candidate for their treatment.

Once you’re done with the assessment and receive the green signal to go ahead, you can get your treatment started.

Your AlignerCo Treatment in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Order Your Impression Kit

The first step involved is to order your impression kit online to take your teeth impressions at home.

After ordering, you can expect the delivery within a few days. The AlignerCo impression kit consists of everything you require to make a molding of your teeth so that their Orthodontists can assess whether AlignerCo treatment is a fit for you. 

The impression kit contains the following:

  • Trays for making Impressions.
  • Impression putty ( plus extra for practice).
  • A prepaid shipping label.
  • A pair of gloves.
  • Instruction guide.

You have to take the impressions of your teeth with the molding material (putty) that is to be fitted inside of the mouth-shaped impression trays.

Once you make impressions using the trays, take photos of your smile, and then send the impression kit back to AlignerCo dental experts.

If, in case you need some help in making your impressions, you can reach their customer care or schedule a video consultation.

Step 2: Preview of your Straight teeth

In the second step of treatment, AlignerCo will mail you a preview of how your teeth will look once the whole treatment is completed.

This is one of the biggest advantages of invisible aligner companies that you get to see in advance how it will look like in the end.

Isn’t it amazing? You get your teeth straightened the way you want!

After that, the AlignerCo specialized orthodontists will develop a customized invisible aligners treatment plan, including a series of aligners to straighten your teeth gradually. 

Step 3: Start wearing your Aligners

Now at this point, you will receive your aligners alongside a treatment plan and simple-to-follow instructions.

You have to start with the first aligner, will probably feel a little discomfort wearing them at first, but you will get used to it very soon.

Make sure to wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours each day for faster results.

Yes, you can remove them while eating and drinking.

Moreover, you have to change your aligners every two weeks until your teeth slowly migrate to their new positions, and finally, you reach that perfect straight look, and your treatment is completed.

AlignerCo qualified Orthodontists will remotely examine your treatment during this period.

It was not less than a dream watching the magic happen as my new smile showcased the perfectly straight teeth.


Wear your AlignerCo Retainers

Wearing retainers is the last and the most significant step after completing the full course of treatment.

Once you are done with the entire treatment, AlignerCo will offer you retainers to keep your teeth from shifting back. As with any type of dental treatment, you have to wear your retainers at night to ensure that your teeth stay in their straight position. 

Unlike with a few other brands, with AlignerCo, your first set of retainers is included in your order. AlignerCo experts will possibly instruct you that you only wear your retainers at night.

AlignerCo Reviews – Pros and Cons

Exploring across the internet and back researching AlignerCo,  I’ve distilled out the findings in a straightforward pros and cons list:


  • AlignerCo is the most inexpensive aligner choice on the market. They’re hundreds of dollars less than other aligner companies. The AlignerCo brand sometimes runs sales, crashing their prices even lower. 
  • The AlignerCo aligners use high-quality plastic manufactured by Essix, a reputed dental supplier company used by many leading aligner brands.
  • The aligners designed by their experts are scallop-cut to match your gingival line, which makes them a touch less invisible aligners that are straight-cut.
  • With consumer-friendly financial plans, AlignerCo suits best for people with great and mediocre credit scores similar.
  • AlignerCo has received constant praise for their cooperative and attentive customer service. 


  • Unlike other aligner companies, AlignerCo doesn’t have a physical location for in-office visits yet.
  • The AlignerCo treatment is perfectly-suited for mild to moderate cosmetic dental issues. If your case needs extensive teeth movements, then you may not qualify to be a good candidate. 

AlignerCo – Customer reviews

Zoey says, “ I’m just at the beginning of my AlignerCo treatment, but so far, I’m really amazed! Making impressions was hassle-free, and the aligners came in a reasonable period. During the treatment, their orthodontists monitored my progress. Excellent product and the best deal on the market!”

James says, “AlignerCo is so clear that no one could notice that I was wearing them. I tried a competitor brand in the past, but that couldn’t help with my lower arch. Nevertheless, my journey with AlignerCo has been incredible. They are so affordable, and I promise you won’t regret choosing them. Go ahead!”

Amanda says, “The aligner co procedure was just as described. They fulfilled every commitment they made! Their customer service is very responsive. I had a great experience – I can’t wait to see my results.”

What is the price of AlignerCo?

Now that you have learned everything about how AlignerCo works, you would probably be interested in AlignerCo’s pricing.

 Although they are easily the most affordable at-home aligner companies in the market, there’s still some price to pay; it is quite probable you’ll pay less. Check it out below.

AlignerCo offers three different plans with varied pricing.

  • SmileAdvantage: This is one of the most less costly onetime payment plans. The plan will cost you only $1,145, which includes your aligners, impression kit, and a set of retainers.
  • SmileFlex: This is an easy installment plan which will cost you $110 per month. You can pay in installments for 12 months.
  • SmileFlex Easy: This is the last installment plan and will not have much impact on your wallet. Just %95 per month for 11 months with $275 as down payment, and you are good to go. The total cost will be $1,320. They accept all major modes of payment for this plan. 

The second and third financing options will cost you a little bit more. So, if it’s possible to pay the total price right away, it’s worth it – like I did.

Does AlignerCo Really Work?

Now the most important question is,  does it really work? As per my research and experience, Yes. It has worked for me significantly.

Orthodontic treatments are an investment of your time and money. Be it less expensive or more; you wouldn’t dive into something without knowing if it can deliver you the outcome you want.

For you to ensure that AlignerCo is the right treatment for you, they will send you a preview of what your teeth will look like after the treatment. At this stage, if you don’t like your preview, you can simply say NO, ask for a refund, and your full money will be refunded minus the cost of the impression kit.

Isn’t it fantastic?

Also, AlignerCo provides an excellent product at a super-low cost. So if the price is top on your priority list, like mine, AlignerCo should be your perfect match. Hold on! 

Their affordable prices don’t imply that you will receive a low-quality product.  AlignerCo doesn’t forfeit secure and top-quality treatment in the name of fewer costs, so you need not worry about what you’ll receive. They use plastic from RaintreeEssix, which is a reputed dental supplier.

I would suggest you go with AlignerCo teeth-straightening program as it is a trustworthy yet, affordable brand. Your treatment will probably last between 6-11 months, depending on your condition.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that AlignerCo is an outstanding choice in the at-home aligner sector. 

Though AlignerCo has been in the market for a pretty short time, it has truly established a positive reputation.

My experience with AlignerCo has been brilliant! They worked wonders for me and gave me back my confident smile.

What I liked about them the most was their exceptional product quality with unrivaled prices. You have a treatment choice that’s safe, effective, and won’t break your bank. Don’t forget to use their timely promo codes while buying their plan and save a few dollars.

 Also, I was impressed with AlignerCo customer service. It was quite easy to get in touch with them, and they were available 24/7 to help.

I hope this AlignerCo review helps you to make a smart choice for straightening your teeth.

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