Best Intraoral Cameras- For Clear Pictures

A good intraoral camera can help in day-to-day life if you’re a dentist. You can display the patient teeth condition right in front of them.

It surely helps in explaining the complications of the patient. That’s why I brought a list of the best intraoral camera that take better pictures of the mouth.

Best Intraoral Cameras

Here are the top 5 intraoral cameras which are good for dentistry-

  1. MouthWatch Intraoral CameraBest Overall
  2. ProDENT HD PD760 Intraoral Camera
  3. Lensiora HD Intraoral CameraTop Pick (1600×1200 pixel resolution)
  4. Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera
  5. DARYOU DY-50 Intraoral Camera

1. MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

Case presentation to the patient is an essential and easy path of communication. If you’re into dentistry from remote areas, you might have faced issues communicating with the patients. The MouthWatch Intraoral Camera is the most popular device around the world.

I would say- this is the best intraoral camera under $300. Just investing 300 bucks can help in better communication with patients. This product is known for clicking and recording clear pictures of teeth.

It captures a detailed photo of patient teeth and cast it to your office TV screen, smartphone, and PC. It has six long-lasting LEDs that give clear visuals.

Features & Specifications

Following the same technical specifications of MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

Light Source6 Bright & Long-lasting LED’s
Resolution640×480 Pixel
CPU ConnectionUSB 2.0
Viewing Angle70 Degree
Color TemperatureUser customizable
Capture ModeCMOS
Warranty1 Year

2. ProDENT HD PD760 Intraoral Camera

Best Intraoral Camera

ProDENT is yet another leading intraoral camera brand. The ProDENT HD PD760 intraoral camera is known for capturing HD images. It can be integrated with all popular clinical software.

If you’re looking to capture 720p HD dental images, this ProDENT intraoral camera is a good and budget-friendly option. It captures clear pictures with a 720p sensor and six bright LEDs.

Features & Specifications

Below are the technical specifications of the ProDENT HD760 Dental Camera-

Resolution1280×720 Pixel
Lighting Source6 Long-lasting LEDs
Temperature ControlUser programable
Wireless ConnectionNO
Connection InterfaceUSB 2.0
CompatibilityWindows 10/8/7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

3. Lensiora HD Intraoral Camera

Best Intraoral Camera

Lensiora HD Intraoral Camera has the most advanced sensor to take 1600×1200 pixel images. It’s the best intraoral camera for clinical use. If you’re thinking of presenting an HD picture before your patient, then this one is the best choice.

Lensiora is compatible with all popular clinical software. The camera has a 4x zoom feature to take even more clear pictures. It gives convenience in communicating teeth problems with patients.

Although it’s costlier, it would be the best investment in your dental clinic. It also leaves a good impression on your patient mind.

Features & Specifications

These are the technical specifications of this Lensiora HD camera-

Resolution1600×1200 Pixel
Viewing Angle90 Degree
Capture ModeCMOS
Zoom Capability4x Zoom
Lighting Source6 Ultrabright LEDs
Connection InterfaceUSB 2.0/3.0
CompatibilityWindows 10/8/7/XP
Warranty1 Year (Extendable)
Capture MethodButton/Foot Paddle/Voice Command

4. Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera

Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera

SOTA Imaging manufactures Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera. The company has experience of 25-years in intraoral cameras. It’s yet another favorite tool of dentists.

If you find it tough to explain the dental problem with your patients, invest a few bucks, and get Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera. It captures 1280x720p images with great focus.

It’s compatible with Apteryx, Dentrix, Dexis, Eaglesoft, EasyDental, and other dental software applications. The six true white LEDs help in capturing the detailed picture of teeth.

Features & Specifications

Following are the technical specifications of Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera-

Lighting Source6 True-white LEDs
Capture MethodCMOS
CPU ConnectionUSA 2.0/3.0
Resolution1280×720 Pixel
Focus2mm to 200+ mm
Viewing Angle61 Degree
CompatibilityAll popular clinical software’s.

5. DARYOU DY-50 Intraoral Camera

Best Intraoral Camera Under $100

Last but not least, DARYOU DY-50 Intraoral Camera is yet another good imaging instrument that helps in day-to-day use. It’s compatible with all popular clinical software such as DEXIS, Eaglesoft, Apteryx, Adstra, XDR, CDR, Schick, Tracker, Cleardent, DentiMax, etc.

If your budget is low and looking for the best intraoral camera under $100 to $120, this is the right choice. Read the technical specifications to get a clear idea of the product.

Features & Specifications

Resolution640×480 Pixel
Capture MethodFoot Paddle
CPU ConnectionUSB 2.0
CompatibilityWindows 10/8/7
Lighting Source6 Bright LEDs
Zoom3x Zoom
Warranty1 Year


I did hours of research and opened hundreds of tabs to compare dental products. After collecting enough information and feedback, I made a list of the best intraoral cameras that captures clear pictures. Check the above top 5 intraoral cameras that support all popular clinical software.

My recommendation will be Lensiora HD Intraoral Camera and MouthWatch Intraoral Camera. Both are excellent choices.

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