Byte Aligner Review- Does It Works?

You don’t enjoy looking in a mirror, do you? When you go out, somebody smiles at you, and exasperating embarrassment fills your mind because you don’t want to return the same.

Sounds relatable? Let us tell you more!

You tried metal braces, hoping it would fix everything in a flash. Months passed, nothing happened except the brand-new glitter in your mouth on the photos!

You might have even made an effort with an invisible brace. Chances are it didn’t deliver a quick result.

So, you are forced to live with your dental abnormality even though you sure know you can rectify it. But how? That’s the million-dollar question.

When reality doesn’t live up to advertisements, you can do nothing besides curse when you choose the product.

Guess what? We have got what you are looking for. Sounds too good to be true?

Not at all! You want an invisible teeth aligner (because all visible braces come bundled with awkward giggling) that can promise fairly quick outcomes, don’t you?

Well, after thorough research through all the available products out there. We have stumbled upon one.

Not only is it transparent, but it uses special technology to fasten the whole process. Let’s dive straight into the review, shall we?

byte Aligner Review

Byte Teeth Aligner

You may be hearing about byte for the first time. Hence, let’s give you a small introduction.

Everybody knows Ben Affleck. He is the legendary actor who captures the spirit of a superhero on the theatre screens.

Wait, what! You just wrinkled your forehead, didn’t you? You might think. “I came here to read byte aligners review, and what on earth this guy is talking about.”

Hold that thought! Dr. Jon Marashi is the man behind the captivating smile of Ben Affleck. And guess what?

He is the founder of the byte. Being a byte customer means you are being treated by the same dentist who treated Batman.

The byte is an online company that ships clear aligners direct to your home.

Unlike other ancient players in the industry, they just don’t require even a single offline visit. Moreover, the real progress of the process is being observed by expert odontologists.

What we consider their biggest advantage is the duration of the treatment. HyperByte technology delivers the desired result faster than you can imagine.

Backed by science, their experts design a smile that makes you attractive.

How does byte Aligners work?

For convenience, let’s break the whole procedure into several steps.

1. Submit the application

First, you have to take a quiz on their website. They will ask you about the condition of your mouth and the preferred mode of payment, etc. It won’t take you more than 30 seconds to fill out the survey.

2. Order an impression kit

Once you find yourself eligible (they will send you the survey result to your email), you can order an impression kit.

A typical byte impression kit includes gloves, a cheek stretcher, 8 pots of putty (4 white and 4 red), 4 molding trays (2 for top 2 for bottom), and a guide.

Make use of the guide to get the impression right. And, you can ship it back for free of cost.

3. Approval of treatment plan

The experts at byte will analyze everything related to your teeth. For example, they assess your lip line, smile arc, lip curvature, etc. The treatment plan is personalized.

They design it according to the dental condition of the individual. The plan gives you an overview of how the teeth will look after the treatment, thanks to their 3D graphics.

4. Get your byte aligner

After approving the treatment plan, they will start manufacturing the aligners. It may take up to four weeks for you to receive the set.

Apart from the custom aligner, you will get BrightByte, HyperByte, and a carrying case with an emery board and a mirror inside.

5. Start the treatment

Finally, you can start the treatment. There are two options you can choose to go with; night and day. The first one requires you to wear the aligners for 10 hours a day and HyperByte for 10 minutes.

On the other hand, the second one needs 22 hours of aligners and 5 minutes of HyperByte. You can review the treatment plan to confirm you get everything right.


  • Superfast HyperByte technology.
  • SmileScience to fetch you the best smile.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Competitive finance plans.
  • A couple of wearing options to choose from.


  • 100% US-based customer service.
  • Easy survey to check the eligibility.
  • The cheapest impression kit (limited period offer).
  • Personal discussion with orthodontists.
  • Completely remote.


  • No international deliveries.

byte Customer Support

After all, the mouth is an organ. Not always does it act as it should. Of course, it can exceed the expectations of even a trained orthodontist.

When you use a completely online service to straighten your teeth, there is a high chance for you to panic if something goes wrong because you can’t consult with anyone offline.

Don’t worry! Byte has thought of it beforehand. They have a responsive 100% US-based customer support team that knows what they are doing.

Even when refinement is needed, you can claim it without paying anything extra.

Let’s assume you have a sudden dilemma of having one of your teeth at a place where it shouldn’t be.

Instead of screaming out loud, you have to contact byte customer service. For 99% of the consumers, it won’t happen given they have routine checkups.

You can contact them via email or social media. Going with the second channel leaves a 24-hour window for the response. Each customer gets a dedicated advisor.

If, at any time, after the treatment, your smile skews, they will send you aligners without charging you anything. That’s how their lifetime smile guarantee comes into play.


Let’s start with the impression kit. You get it for the cheapest with byte teeth aligners. The offer isn’t available for an infinite amount of time. So, you better bag the deal.

If a single payment is your preference, all-day treatment will cost you $1895. BytePay, their EMI plan brings it to $83 per month for 25 months with a $349 deposit.

If you want to go for an at-night plan, you need to spend $2,245 in a single stretch or $98/month.

Does byte Teeth Aligner Work?

It’s surprising if you have this question in your mind. They have got the best orthodontist in the universe. Not to mention, they gathered a row of expert dentists.

They design the treatment plans. Meaning your smile is in the best hands you can ever imagine. In short, it even negates the question of whether or not byte braces work.

You know, almost all the aligners work. But how fast? With regular braces, the straightening process may even take over a year.

One can bid farewell to wearing the aligner in even three months when it comes to byte. HyperByte technology makes use of high-frequency vibrations to initiate the movement of your teeth right from the roots themselves in a harmless way.

Moreover, they consider the scientific aspects when designing an impressive smile for you. And, you will feel confident enough to appear in social gatherings and smile more often.

How byte Aligner better than it’s competitors?

The byte is relatively a new kid on the block. They have come to the top with their sheer dedication to the industry. What makes them stand out from the rest? Let’s check it out!

Pricing, to begin with, is cheap. You only have to spend $1895 for an all-day treatment plan. Even the companies that have been in business for more than two decades charge at least $3000 for the treatment at an even slower pace.

Another added benefit is their impression kit. When competitors are charging a hundred bucks for the same, they only take around $30 from you (it’s a limited period offer. So, you have to hurry!).

Convenience is another significant aspect you enjoy the most with invisible braces from a byte.

You don’t have to consult a dentist even a single time. Everything can be done at the comfort of your home (right from taking impressions to wearing aligners).

Which is the fastest clear teeth aligner? You can’t find something that outperforms byte, thanks to their HyperByte technology. Your teeth will astonish you much quicker than you ever imagined.

Finally, responsive customer support. Byte will give you an exclusive advisor. You get to share all your problems and worries with them.

Moreover, their expert team closely analyses your dental progress. So, your money won’t go in vain.

Final Verdict

Are you looking for the cheapest invisible braces that won’t empty your bank account? If you say yes, you can’t avoid byte aligners.

They even have convenient installment plans if you want to pay in multiple terms. With each stage during the treatment, their experts will guide you to an envious outcome.

byte Aligners


Aligner Quality









  • Superfast HyperByte technology
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Competitive finance plans
  • Cheapest impression kit
  • Personal discussion with orthodontists


  • No international deliveries

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