Byte Vs Invisalign- Which One is Best?

The presentation of a person is of utmost importance these days, in almost every sector of life. The teeth play a huge role in ascertaining an esthetic appeal for someone.

Orthodontic treatments have come to the forefront for this purpose. However, metal braces have not proven the ideal option due to their appearance.

This led to the advent of clear plastic-based aligners, which are almost invisible and still perform their designated functions.

What Are The Best Options For Clear Aligners?

Invisalign has been in the market since 1997 and has held the numero uno position for quite some time.

However, due to certain limitations that will be discussed and costly pricing, other options like Candid Co, Smile Direct Club, and Byte Teeth Aligners have emerged.

Therefore, it is imperative to draw a comparison between Invisalign and Byte so that the patients can make an informed choice.

How Does Invisalign Work?


Invisalign is considered the pioneer in clear aligners, and the fact that they have been in the foray for the past two decades further substantiates the fact.

It can be used for almost all types of orthodontic treatments, irrespective of its complexity.

Invisalign is supervised by the best orthodontists globally by visiting a certified dental clinic, and the results are predictable and guaranteed.

More than 9 million customers worldwide have benefitted from using Invisalign, and they vouch for its effectiveness.

The aligners are made from BPA-free plastic, which is comfortable to wear and can conveniently be donned and taken off by the patients.

Why look for alternatives to Invisalign?

Even though Invisalign has been considered a promising aspect for a long time, certain disadvantages have ushered in need for alternatives.

It is necessary to visit a dental clinic to start the treatment, which can be a problem during the perils of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, many governments have imposed lockdowns which have resulted in a temporary closure of the clinics as well.

Secondly, the pricing of Invisalign, which is slightly on the higher side, is a point of concern for many.

Alternatives like Byte and Candid Co have ensured that they address these issues, which have played a significant role in its growing popularity.

How Does Byte Work?

byte teeth whitening

The next big question that arises here is how exactly does Byte work. It uses a new technology called HyperByte, which ensures that the orthodontic treatment is finished in a relatively lesser time.

The patient has the liberty to choose the type of aligner based on how long they want to wear it.

The biggest onus of using Byte is that it can be done from your home, and you do not have to risk going to a clinic personally.

The impression kit is sent at home, and you have to send it back to the studio for analysis, and the aligners are sent back to your address.

There is continuous remote monitoring done to assess the treatment outcome at each stage.

Byte Vs Invisalign- The Basic Difference

Byte Vs Invisalign

Certain basic differences set Invisalign apart from Byte. Invisalign was founded way back in 1997, while Byte made an entry into the market in 2018.

For Invisalign treatment, it is compulsory to get a consultation done by visiting a dental clinic nearby. Certain attachments and additional elastics can be added as they are an in-office treatment.

However, Byte treatment can be initiated at home by using an impression kit. Considering the recent pandemic that has crippled the entire world, it is considered a safer option.


Invisalign can be used for orthodontic treatment irrespective of the case’s complexity, which is a novelty in clear aligners itself.

It is regulated by the number of prescribed aligners and the number of hours it is worn. There are certain limitations with Byte as far as the type of cases for which treatment is sought.

However, if you look at the rate of success of the treatment, both Invisalign and Byte have proven to be efficient in orthodontic correction. The fact that top orthodontists supervise the cases further adds to the fact.

Summary- Byte and Invisalign are equally effective. Byte uses HyperByte technology that gives little faster result.


In terms of price, there is no denying that Byte is a clear winner. One of the main reasons many people opt out of Invisalign is because they feel that it is not affordable.

A general treatment of Invisalign costs around $3000-$10,000, which can be considered a significant amount.

The treatment charges for Byte are relatively less, and the most complex treatment takes around $2400.

Therefore, many people opt for alternatives these days, and Byte occupies the perch in that respect.

Summary- Byte is cheaper than Invisalign. Hence Byte is a clear Winner in terms of pricing.

Customer Support

The fact that Invisalign has been around for more than two decades is enough testimony that they have several happy customers.

Their customer support is impeccable, and they provide round-the-clock service globally. However, alternatives like Byte are also equally remarkable in the job.

Even though Byte has been in the market for a couple of years, their customer support and 24/7 assistance has set the benchmark very high.

Orthodontists are available on call at all times in case some issue arises. Therefore, you will feel connected to your dentist all the time.

Summary- Byte and Invisalign; both have excellent customer support.


The clear aligners provided by Invisalign are contoured according to the margin of the gums, which ensures a snug fit.

The margins in the aligners by Byte are straighter but have a similar kind of retention after wearing it.

Summary- In terms of appearance and comfort, both are excellent.

Additional Features

With Invisalign treatment, there are no additional features other than orthodontic treatment. You won’t get whitening kits after straightening.

Byte goes a step further in providing a free teeth whitening procedure, which eventually makes the outcome superior and more esthetic.

Multiple discounts are also available on using Byte as they set the price. In Invisalign, it is set by the orthodontist and does not have any provision of offers.

Summary- Byte provides teeth whitening service included in the cost of aligners. But, Invisalign doesn’t provides any additional feature, so once again Byte is Winner here.

Is Byte Better Than Invisalign?

Whenever a new product is launched against a gold standard, there is always a certain amount of apprehension about it.

The same can be said about Byte and Invisalign. However, over the years, based on the feedback of experts in the field and patients alike, it can be safely said that Byte is one of the best clear aligners treatments available in the market these days.

It can even be certified to be better than Invisalign because it addresses all the disadvantages associated with it and provides a treatment modality that is not only equally effective but also affordable and safe.

Final Verdict

Orthodontic treatment should be taken care of at an appropriate stage. However, due to COVID-19, visiting a dental clinic can be an issue.

In such a dire situation, clear aligners like Byte can definitely come to the rescue. All you have to do is order the home impression kit and send the impression to the studio of Byte.

Experts will assess and formulate a treatment plan and take care of future proceedings. Continuous remote monitoring using the right technology is also instrumental here.

To conclude, if you are looking for a clear aligner treatment, you can place your trust in Byte and get a confident and beautiful smile.

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