Candid Teeth Aligner Reviews- Does it Really Works?

I know you’re frustrated with your Zig-Zag teeth positions. And it embraces you while spreading your smile. You are so infuriated to get this fixed at any cost. Candid is one of the popular home teeth straightening service that claims to be the #1 in the market.

But, does Candid really works? How much Candid teeth aligner cost? How long it takes to straighten the teeth?

Excited to know the answers?

Don’t worry…! I’m answering all your questions and clearing your doubts in this guide. Here I’m going to write in-depth Candid Co reviews. If you’re going to purchase Candid Co Teeth Aligners then you must read this entirely.

What is Candid?

Candid Co Reviews

Candid is founded in 2017, gained tons of popularity in a very short time span. Now, Candid is known for providing one of the best teeth straightening kits. It’s most popular home teeth aligner products that can be purchased online.

When we compare to some other offline orthodontist cost for teeth alignment, Candid Co. is a quite cost-effective and convenient way for teeth alignment.

How Candid Works?

Those who have a shortage of time, and don’t want to visit orthodontists, Candid providing top-quality services with highly experienced doctors.

Candid claims- they have highly-experienced doctors of 20 years of experience and customers’ feedback and result also prove that. Their highly responsive support team and active to help you anytime.

Candid send a kit to your doorstep and guide you all the steps to give your teeth and jaw impression. After, that the experienced orthodontist examines the impression and develops a customized set of teeth aligners for you.

The set contains all the instructions to put in your mouth and weekly changes of the aligner braces.

Candid Co Reviews: Quality & Comfort

Candid kick off its competitor with high-quality teeth aligner designs. The doctors are highly-quality and experienced that mould your exact mouth design. When it comes to comfortability, Candid teeth aligner kits are clear winners among all.

It takes approx 6 to 8 months to completely straighten the tooth. However, it also depends upon misalignment and structure. Sometimes, it takes more than the expected time.

But, Candid provides sure and certain results. You will not face any discomfort or headache while wearing the teeth braces. It could be annoying for the first two days only. So, in terms of Comfort, Candid Co is again a winner.

Candid Customer Support

Once you place the order on the Candid official website, they’ll ship the impression kit soon. But, it takes around 35 to 40 days to arrive at your customized teeth-straightening kit.

During this period, the Candid support team will constantly in touch with you. Their expert teams of orthodontists constantly guide you throughout with aligner treatment, updates, reminders, and tips.

All I can say that- the Candid has highly responsive support staff that provides all the necessary information. So, it’s again one of the best online teeth aligner service in the USA.

Candid Clear Teeth Aligner

Candid provides a series of clear plastic trays designed to move your teeth into position incrementally. The teeth aligners are made from a premium thermoplastic. The products are highly durable and made from BPA- and phthalate-free materials. It’s extremely comfortable to wear.

Candid assign you a dedicated orthodontist that consistently monitors your progress. It saves your precious time that consumes in visiting a local orthodontist. Hence it saves the visit cost and fee.

Candid Remote Monitoring

Do you have a shortage of time? No time to visit an orthodontist? Don’t worry, Candid monitors everything remotely. You don’t need to wait for an appointment. Candid assign an experienced doctor that keep all record of your progress.

Check-in from anywhere with scans you’ll take from your phone. The same orthodontist who designs and prescribes your treatment plan will make sure everything is on track.

Candid Pricing

Do you want to know how much teeth aligner cost? So, here are all details of the Invisalign cost of the top-rated online teeth aligner company-

1. Candid Starter Kit

The teeth aligner starter kit costs $95 normally but the company providing a 50% discount in the Covid-19 outbreak. Hence it cost $47 only. The two sets of impressions included in this price.

2. Clear Aligner Treatment

Candid invisible teeth aligners are available at $2400 but now currently it discounted to $2100 only. If you want to divide these charges monthly then it cost $99 per month through Affirm, a third-party financing company.

3. Whitening Foam

Candid Whitening Foam is available at $25 only.

4. Candid Retainers

You’ll receive a free set of Retainer with your Teeth Straightening Kit. Optionally, you can buy it for $99.

5. Whitening Pens

Candid also provides teeth whitening pens and it cost $20 for a pack of 3 pens.

Candid Teeth Alignment Time Period

Candid claims that it takes around 6 months (average) for teeth alignment but it depends upon many other factors. So, you can expect it anywhere between 6 months to 8 months.

Final Words

So, you have all the information about Candid teeth aligners. Do you still need Candid review? I would say, Candid provides the best teeth aligner and their support are extremely responsive. In terms of pricing, Candid is a cheaper option with guaranteed results. So, I would highly recommend Candid Co.

Are you satisfied with the information? I hope this Candid Co Reviews will help in making any decisions. Do share your feedback in the comment box.

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