Candid Vs Invisalign- Which One is Best?

Having a beautiful and esthetic smile is the desire of most people these days. The world that we know today thrives on presentation to create a good impression and the teeth do play a vital role in it.

All these days, if a person had crooked or irregularly placed teeth, they had to visit an orthodontist in a dental clinic and get metal braces fitted in the mouth to fix the problem.

However, the whole treatment setup was revolutionized with the introduction of clear aligners with Invisalign being the flag bearers of it.

These clear aligners are plastic-based trays that can be worn and removed by you conveniently and plays the same role as metal braces, that is, fixing the position of the teeth.

However, Invisalign does have certain limitations which led to the introduction of other clear aligners in the market which ensured that orthodontic treatment became a conducive one.

One such company is Candid and it is imperative to make a subtle comparison of it with Invisalign to determine which is most suited for you.

How Does Candid Work?

Candid Teeth Straightening Kit

Candid is a premier company that deals with clear aligners that can induce certain corrections in the teeth to set it correctly.

It is made from thermoplastic that is BPA-free which is considered to be standard for clear aligners.

However, the reason why Candid has risen up the ranks in the market is that you can get an orthodontic treatment sitting in your home.

As the world has been plagued by a pandemic, going out has been strictly prohibited.

Candid has proven to be a blessing in disguise in such a situation. All you have to do is order a starter impression kit and take the impression and send it back to the Candid studio.

Expert orthodontists will review the case and formulate a treatment plan and the aligners will be sent to your home.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and wear and remove the aligners in a sequence to get the desired result.

There is also the provision of continuous remote monitoring to check your progress which ensures that everything is on track.

All of this is done at an expenditure that is lesser than Invisalign and most other clear aligner companies.

These advantages and the positive results have played a major role in making Candid the best option for clear aligner treatment these days.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign Cost

The fact that Invisalign introduced clear aligners in the market way back in 1997 is enough testimony that they are the veterans in this particular niche.

They straighten and fix your teeth in the best way possible, causing minimal discomfort and producing almost guaranteed results.

You need to visit a dental clinic to get a consultation done and an impression is taken for formulating the treatment plan.

You are assigned BPA-free thermoplastic, high-quality clear aligners that can be worn easily to introduce the changes.

The results are seen within 8-10 months of initiation of treatment and you can get the smile that you crave quite conveniently.

Invisalign treatment is slightly heavy on the pocket but the 9 million happy customers can compensate for it easily.

It is overlooked by some of the best orthodontists in the world and a continuous assessment is done to ensure that the best treatment is given.

Overall, Invisalign can still be considered to be the gold standard in clear aligners-based orthodontic treatment. 

Candid vs Invisalign: The Basic Difference

Even though both Invisalign and Candid are clear aligners, there are quite a few differences between them, the major one being where the treatment is rendered.

For Invisalign, In-Office treatment is advocated and you have to visit a dental clinic for consultation and impression while for Candid, you can do so from the comforts of your home.

The impression kit will be sent to you and monitoring will be done remotely through the use of a scanning device.

The time taken for treatment with Invisalign is around 10-12 months but for Candid it takes a relatively lesser time of 6-8 months.

There are certain advantages of Invisalign In-Office treatments like customization of treatment and attachment of adjuvant elastics to the teeth but considering the present pandemic situation, Candid In-Home treatment takes precedence.

Candid vs Invisalign- Effectiveness

As far as results are concerned, both types of clear aligners have produced promising results. The approach towards rendering the treatment is different.

Invisalign works for several conditions needing an orthodontic approach but Candid is more suitable for moderate corrections related to spacing and crowding.

The aligner trays provided by Invisalign have proper alignment with the gum line but in Candid it is relatively straightforward.

This makes the treatment faster and the results are seen more comprehensively.


Pricing is one of the main criteria for differentiation between Invisalign and Candid.

Invisalign is the costlier of the two treatment modalities and it ranges somewhere between $3000-$8000 based on the amount of correction needed and the number of aligners to be used.

Candid takes around $2400 for completing the treatment completely with it generally being lesser.

Therefore, Candid is lighter on the pocket even though the effectiveness of treatment is considered to be equivalent to Invisalign.

Customer Support

In the modern world of product or service provision, customer support plays a key role in determining the credibility of a company.

Both Invisalign and Candid have done a phenomenal job in ensuring that there is no compromise in this particular aspect.

Round-the-clock 24/7 assistance is provided with expert opinions with orthodontists as and when required.

Both of them have set the benchmark pretty high as far as customer support is concerned.

Is Candid better than Invisalign?

Candid primarily got introduced into the market as an ideal alternative to Invisalign due to the certain disadvantages associated with it.

Speaking from the effectiveness and pricing point of view, Candid certainly outshines Invisalign in these aspects.

Additionally, Candid provides free teeth whitening treatment along with aligners which is something not seen with Invisalign.

This added feature also plays a significant role in making Candid Co. a better candidate. The price of Invisalign is as rigid as it is determined by the orthodontists but for Candid it is relatively flexible.

There is even a provision of availing coupon codes when using Candid which is something unique that is associated with it.

The duration of treatment is lesser in Candid as well. Last but not least, the fact that you will be in the safety of your home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has proven to be quite deadly, and still getting an orthodontic treatment done is something that places Candid at a higher pedestal than Invisalign which only works with in-office treatment.

Final Verdict

Unless some complex orthodontic treatment needs to be done or you do not mind splurging a lot of money on the therapy, Candid can be considered to be the ideal treatment modality for treatment.

You can save on a considerable amount of money as well and get additional features with the added advantage of staying safe and isolated in your home, an absolute requisite to fight against this pandemic.

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