SmileLove Review (2022)- Before & After Result

Do you have crooked teeth? Are you unable to bite properly? Well, let me assume, you are looking for a solution to overcome your teeth misalignment problems.

But at the same time, the expensive dental procedures are putting you off. I’m 26yrs old full-time blogger, and I have been suffering from a teeth-alignment problem since a teenager.

I have been on traditional metal braces for 3yrs when I was a teen, and my teeth were absolutely alright. But I wasn’t meticulous in wearing my retainers every night because of the pain and discomfort caused.

This was my biggest mistake that I wasn’t careful enough, and the consequences were that my teeth shifted enormously.

I know it was extremely careless of me, and it made me self-conscious and less confident about my smile. I have surely learned a lesson that I will never forget.

To relieve my mind, I started researching on the internet for ways that could take me out of this problem. I came across many teeth-straightening options, but they could cost me a fortune. I was looking for an affordable, yet effective treatment when I came across SmileLove.

At-home aligners designed by SmileLove were a good choice to fix my teeth problems. It has been 2 yrs since I completed my SmileLove treatment and I’m definitely happy with the results. Today I’ll walk you through my entire journey with SmileLove Company.

What is Smilelove?

SmileLove Teeth Aligner

SmileLove is one of the newest competitors popular for designing invisible clear aligners at an affordable cost. The company offers excellent service at the best price.

What is best about SmileLove is that the entire process is done at home. Ranging from taking your impression kit to removing your last aligners, the need of visiting an orthodontist is eliminated.

David Frazier is the founder of SmileLove Company. The company was launched in the year 2017, and since then, they have got a positive response from customers regarding their quick and efficient services which is very uncommon when you opt for remote dental treatments.

What makes SmileLove unique is that they offer their services directly to the end-customers who wish to have straighter teeth and unrestricted smiles.

The SmileLove program costs 75% lesser than other dental treatments in the market and aims to offer an unmatched user experience throughout.

How Does SmileLove Teeth Straightening Work?

To get a general idea about whether you meet the requirements for the SmileLove treatment to buy the starter impression kit, you must fill out the online questionnaire. It is simple and won’t take much time.

A few of the parameters that the company will consider before proceeding with treatment are small eroded teeth, gum bridges, any dental surgery, etc. My problem was tremendous teeth misalignment which I got fixed by them.

Lets us go through the step-by-step process of SmileLove Dental Treatment

1. Take your impressions

Once you qualify for the online assessment test, SmileLove will initially send you an impression kit to make your dental molds in the comfort of your home.

The good thing about them is that if you do not like the new look they prepare, you will get a full refund. You will receive the package within a couple of days.

Well, I received mine in 2 business days…

SmileLove impression kit includes the following-

  • Putty for practice.
  • Four trays for both top and bottom teeth.
  • Real putty for dental impression.
  • Instruction guide for taking impressions.
  • A mouth stretching tool.
  • Shipping tag.

You can then start making an impression at home but make sure you collect all information before performing it.

You have to take both top and bottom teeth impressions. SmileLove Experts assure your bite doesn’t move inappropriately during the process. Once completed, you can send back the package to the company.

2. Preview your treatment

Once you send all your dental information, they will pass it on to their SmileLove Certified orthodontists for approval to build a customized digital preview.

You will receive an email with the treatment preview of how your teeth will align. I suggest you not to ignore this mail as your aligners will be designed based on the preview.

You will also receive detailed information about how many aligners you will have based upon your teeth analysis.

With SmileLove the treatment usually ranges from 6 -24 months. Also, you will receive your at-home aligners within two months.

3. Straighten your teeth with Smile Love Aligners

Time to wear your smile!

The best part with SmileLove Company is that you will receive your entire treatment package at your doorsteps. Isn’t that amazing?

The aligners are totally BPA-free. The company produces clear aligners that are tailor-made to fit in your mouth without causing discomfort.

Most competitive brands produce trays that are trimmed straight across, which causes pain while wearing them and patients have to waste hours trimming them down.

Fortunately, with SmileLove you won’t be doing that as much as with other brands.

SmileLove package includes the following-

  • Your at-home clear aligners.
  • No cost Retainers.
  • Tray and Case for Aligners.
  • A lip balm.
  • A removal instrument and a file.
  • Teeth-whitening premium kit (after treatment completion).

4. Start wearing your aligners

SmileLove recommends you- wear your aligners for 22 hours a day. This gives you quite enough time to eat and drink. I used to sleep with them as well, which has really been helpful.

It is not difficult to maintain your aligners either. You must brush and floss your teeth before putting the tray inside the mouth and wash them with cold water once you remove them.

Finally, teeth-straightening with clear aligners does not allow you to chew gums. But this doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a fresh breath.

You can order your SmileLove tray spray online that lets your mouth smell minty and refreshing. To avoid confusion always read the detailed instructions included in the package.

5. Shine with a new smile

Once you have completed wearing your aligners, now is the time to wear your retainers. You have to wear them continuously at least for the first two weeks and based upon your progress you can put them later only at night.

You will also receive a teeth-whitening kit and an LED light at the end of the SmileLove treatment.

SmileLove My Review

Following are the things that I like and don’t like about Smile Love Teeth Straightening Kit-


  • SmileLove is the sole company that offers a prorated refund on your clear aligner purchase if you are not satisfied with your treatment.
  • SmileLove package prices are significantly affordable than other competitors in the line.
  • All of the Smilelove treatment plans are designed by their certified dental experts.
  • The company runs constant offers to make their product considerably easy on the pocket.
  • Most of the SmileLove users are approved for finance and no credit check is needed.


  • SmileLove Company does not have a direct office visit yet, so approaching them can be a little more difficult.

SmileLove Reviews – Customer Testimonials

I was suffering from teeth imperfections since years. A friend of mine told me about SmileLove service. I decided to give it a shot and here I’m totally amazed with the results. The whole treatment process was smooth and effective. Undoubtedly, it was the best decision I made. Kudos to the Smilelove team!    –Sophie, New Jersey

The entire package arrived well-packed. The trays are clear-cut and quite challenging for the competitors. I am on my fourth week of my treatment and already feeling the progress. I believe that other companies would be more successful, if they follow their steps. They responded to every mail promptly through my entire treatment. They prepare your impression kit and design your moulds at no charge, giving you ample time to ensure if you really want to proceed. If you are looking for clear aligner companies, I can’t recommend SmileLove enough. Try emailing or calling other brands and ask them few questions. I guess you will end up with SmileLove Company. –John, CA

Cost of Smilelove Treatment Program

SmileLove Company offers treatment to patients at a fixed price. The company’s prices are 75% less than its competitors.

  1. The basic treatment plan will cost you not more than $1895.
  2. In case, your teeth problem is more complex and you require more steps (around 40 aligners), you have to pay an extra $300.

Apart from that, SmileLove guarantees you for refund, if you don’t qualify or you don’t like your preview.

Does SmileLove Teeth Aligners Really Work?

Now the biggest question is, are they actually effective? Yes, they are. I have overcome my teeth issues following their expert treatment.

Dental treatments are a huge investment, so you must be careful while going ahead.

I collected all the information about the company beforehand. But believe me; it delivered me the results I wanted. I got my smile back and can click-happy pictures confidently now.

As per the SmileLove reviews, it has proven effective for many people. Let’s say you have a complex teeth problem like a bite issue.

SmileLove is honest about the effectiveness of its treatment and will send you a digital preview of your treatment.

So that you are free to decide, whether to proceed or not. You are under no compulsion to buy their treatment plan, in case you are not satisfied.

Moreover, the company has a special certified team of orthodontists who craft your treatment plans effectively. Other brands may also have qualified general dental experts but not as dedicated.

SmileLove vs Smile Direct Club

One of the well-known competitors of SmileLove is Smile Direct Club. The latter has been in the market for quite some time comparatively.

Let’s put a comparison to know which one is a better investment.

  • Talking about the prices, they are nearly similar to both. However, if you choose to pay in installments then SmileLove is more affordable with both the basic plans that last for 24 months.
  • SmileLove clear aligners are more precise as they are hand-trimmed (though, not as much as Candid Co or byte Aligners) so as they fit perfectly in your mouth without any hassle and discomfort. Smile Direct Club designs trays with a cutting edge that needs to be shaved down to prevent the hurting of gums.
  • Overall, SmileLove treatment is a little more affordable as they send you a free first set of retainers and they are good to go for the next 2 years. Comparatively, Smile Direct Club will charge you for each pair of retainers and they suggest replacing them every 6 months.

Smile love Before and After Results

Following are the some before and after results shared by Smilelove customers-

Smilelove Before After Result
Smilelove Before After

Final Verdict

On the whole, my SmileLove treatment turned out pretty well. Though I was a bit doubtful initially, they assisted me to get through it with clear communication.

I also received my at-home clear aligners within the specified period. They have a prompt email service, which impressed me.

I only decided to go for SmileLove by just reading the positive comments by others.

They also have a huge user rating that gained me more trust. Luckily, their evaluation for my treatment turned out precise, though it may vary from person to person based upon the severity of the problem.

SmileLove offers great service at the lowest prices. However, if the budget is NOT an issue and you want the best teeth aligner then you must go for Candid Co. In general, most of the patients are satisfied with their service. I can proudly say that I’m one of those.

Smile Love


Aligner Quality









  • Affordable Pricing
  • Certified Orthodontists
  • Clear Aligners
  • Quick refund policy


  • Office visit is little hard.

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