SnapCorrect Review (2022)- Does it Really Works?

Many people wish to improve their smiles. Traditionally, the only way to improve your teeth problems was to get braces from your dentist.

But let me tell you, that is no longer true now. Clear aligners are the best option if you feel like having braces without a mouth filled with metal.

Yes, you heard that right! I’m Olivia, a working professional, and I have been suffering from teeth problems for many years.

Unluckily, I was not born with perfect teeth like many. I felt self-conscious about my misaligned teeth and was hesitant to smile properly. I even refrained from attending parties and hanging out with friends.

My teeth problem was getting worse, and my dentist told me that my teeth were at a higher risk of decay.

Though I used to take proper care of my teeth by flossing every day and started using an electric toothbrush, those crooked teeth were big trouble to clean properly.

I was shattered and started looking for methods on the internet, which is when I came across SnapCorrect. The company promises to bring your smile back by creating custom aligners.

Initially, I doubted if it would work for me or not. But I was already done with trying everything, so I decided to give it a shot.

Trust me, it has been a life-changing journey for me, and I couldn’t stop thanking myself for making the right decision.

My experience with them has been beneficial, which brings me to the SnapCorrect review. Today I’ll walk you through everything you must know before choosing them.

What is SnapCorrect?

SnapCorrect Review

SnapCorrect is a well-known online company that designs easy-to-wear invisible teeth aligners that allow you to transform your misaligned teeth at home.

The company claims to create the clearest invisible aligners in the market, which is justified as their teeth aligners have a high level of transparency.

This makes them barely noticeable while you are wearing them, which is why they call them ‘Truly Invisible teeth aligners.’

Luis Lajous is the founder of SnapCorrect Company. The company was launched in the year 2017. They produce the clearest aligners that are 70% less than the cost of conventional metal braces.

The company has transformed the smiles of more than 50,000 patients at the comfort of home.

What makes SnapCorrect distinctive is that they sell their services directly to consumers who want straighter teeth and confident smiles!

Their aligners look and feel similar to other costly dental aligners available in the market, but their aligners are affordable yet effective.

SnapCorrect Review: How It Works?

To make sure that SnapCorrect can offer the results you desire, their qualified team of dental professionals will initially need to have a look at your smile.

For that, you must complete the free online questionnaire on their website to begin with the process.

It hardly takes 1 minute to complete the test, and you would be asked a few questions related to your braces history, your age, and other teeth problems you would like to fix.

Once you submit the SnapCorrect online assessment, they will send you the results by email to know if you are a good candidate for their treatment.

Let’s go through the step-by-step guide of the SnapCorrect treatment process.

1. Taking a good impression of your teeth

After qualifying for the online assessment, you need to order an impression kit. For that, you have to register an account on the SnapCorrect website and fill in the necessary information.

Once done, you will receive your impression kit straight at your doorsteps without any shipping charges. The package contains everything you need to make your impressions.

SnapCorrect impression kit contains the following things-

  1. 4 trays for making an impression.
  2. A mouth stretcher.
  3. Putty – 4 sets.
  4. Gloves set of two.
  5. Instruction manual for creating impressions.
  6. Resealable bag.
  7. Shipping label.

Once you are done making your impressions, you can send them back to them. After that, use the mouth stretcher to take five visible digital pictures of your teeth and upload them on the website.

The process is quite simple, and it didn’t take me a lot of time to create my impressions.

Afterward, you have to fill out one more questionnaire related to your medical history.

This will be helpful for them to know if you are a fit for their SnapCorrect aligner treatment. If you are not, they will give you a 100% refund within ten working days.

What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and give your best impression at no risk.

2. Start your treatment

Time to design your smile aligners…

Once you approve your treatment plan and complete the payment process, SnapCorrect certified dental team will start designing your custom aligners, and you can expect to receive them within 3 weeks.

They will send you three-dimensional photos of your teeth and your proposed outcome before and after.

3. Wear your SnapCorrect aligners

All you have to do is wear your smile!

Once you receive your custom aligners, start wearing them as directed. You will receive the trays separately, which means every 14 days, you will get your new pair of invisible aligners.

Usually, the SnapCorrect treatment package contains 6-20 aligner pairs as per your teeth issues.

Depending on the severity of your teeth problem, the treatment time can range from 3 months to 2years. I had an alignment problem, and mine lasted for 8 months. I meticulously wore my aligners for around 20-22 hours a day.

Yes, you have to wear them while sleeping as well! The only time I removed them was while eating and drinking. In this way, you will get effective results in less possible time.

It has been quite a struggle, but gradually, my teeth started looking straighter.

What is amazing is that the aligners are remarkably invisible and hardly noticeable while wearing them. SnapCorrect invisible aligners are FDA – approved and made from BPA and latex-free grade plastic.

4. Retain your smile

Wearing retainers is one of the vital parts that most people overlook.

Finally, after completing the treatment, the company recommends you to wear retainers constantly, at least for the next 4-6 months. Afterward, you can remove them during the day.

It is advised to wear them during the night for the next few months to make sure your teeth don’t shift again. Eventually, you can reduce it to a few nights per week.

SnapCorrect retainers will last for 3-6 months. You will receive your first set free of cost, and every extra pair will cost you $99. It is essential to change your retainers every 3 months or so.

Snapcorrect Features and Cons


  • SnapCorrect is one of the most affordable teeth aligner company as compared to its competitors.
  • The company buys its aligners from RaintreeEssix, which is one of the leading dental tools and dental material dealers in the US market. This means their quality of aligners is exceptional.
  • You receive your first set of Snapcorrect retainers free of cost. Other dental companies charge you up to $100 at the end of your treatment.
  • Aligners by SnapCorrect are considered the clearest than those offered by other brands. You can wear them easily without getting noticed.
  • Once you are a customer, SnapCorrect provides a free whitening dental kit for a lifetime.


  • SnapCorrect presently does not have a physical location, so you can personally visit for a teeth scan rather than do it at home. You will need to complete your dental impressions in your space.
  • Unlike, other dental aligner companies, you won’t receive your teeth whitening kit until you complete your treatment.

SnapCorrect Customer Reviews

Here’s is what other customers say about SnapCorrect teeth aligners-

I have all good to say about SnapCorrect Company. I visited them for my treatment after my friend referred me and I’m thankful as everything turned out good. The only negligence I made was not ordering my extra retainer for which I had to wait until the order was ready. I received them in nearly 2 weeks and SnapCorrect team supported me throughout to ensure that the attained results do not go waste. Their customer support is matchless in the industry. -Robert, CA

Presently, I’m in my 5 months and the results are impressive. I could already feel the aligners push through my teeth, which means they are working effectively. SnapCorrect customer care has been very patient with me throughout the entire journey. Their response was always prompt. I’m eagerly looking forward to my final results! -Kate, New Jersey

How much SnapCorrect Teeth Alignment Cost?

SnapCorrect follows a two-method payment plan for all valued customers. You are free to choose between a single payment or a monthly installment.

At SnapCorrect, you pay what you see. The whole treatment ranging from your impression kit to your custom aligners, followed by your retainers, will cost you only $1749.

However, the installment plan starts at $80.84 per month. It may vary as per the option you choose. SnapCorrect provides you 3 choices which include 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years payments.

The percentage rate ranges from 10-30% annually. You will have to pay a deposit in advance. They will provide insurance cover and accept all payments, including FSA and HSA.

Does SnapCorrect Really Work?

You must probably be thinking if SnapCorrect is actually effective. Well, I would say it surely is. Choosing the best dental treatment for your teeth issues can be confusing, but we have made it easy for you.

To ensure SnapCorrect is a suitable treatment option for you, the company will mail you a three-dimensional preview of what your teeth will look like after completing the treatment.

This will give you time to decide whether you would like to go ahead with the treatment or not. If you are not satisfied with your treatment plan, you will receive a full refund.

Isn’t it a good deal?

The treatment plan will be prepared by a qualified dental expert who will assure you that you are in the safe hands of an experienced professional. Also, SnapCorrect purchases its at-home invisible aligners from a reputed brand, namely Raintree Essix.

As I mentioned, I suffered from teeth misalignment for years. SnapCorrect treatment method has helped me to achieve satisfying teeth transformation.

Even though it took more time than others, they also faced some issues finding their physical office. It was a little tough to believe in them.

If you don’t want to face any hassle and need the best support with guaranteed results, I recommend you go with Candid teeth aligners. It cost you only a few pence more but worth the money.

SnapCorrect Vs SmileLove – Which is better?

One of the biggest competitors of Snapcorrect is SmileLove. However, both let their patients align their teeth without using braces.

Let’s know how they differ by comparing both.

  • Speaking of the prices, SnapCorrect is comparatively less costly than SmileLove. Everything ranging from your impression kit, your aligners, and your retainers at $1749. You can save up to $150 by choosing SnapCorrect.
  • One major difference that sets Snapcorrect apart is that they offer the most transparent aligners in the market. They are made of BPA-free shiny plastic. SmileLove also designs clear aligners, but they cannot match the quality of SnapCorrect invisible aligners. SnapCorrect aligners are unnoticeable even in close range.
  • SnapCorrect accepts its invisible aligners from other well-known brands such as Raintree Essix and also allows FSA and HSA payment. Comparatively, SmileLove does not have any connection with any reputed invisible aligner suppliers.

Final Verdict

Finally, my Snapcorrect treatment journey has given me promising results. Considering the cost of expensive orthodontic treatments and how precious your smile is, you will positively look for a source that truly cares about you and your improvement.

I had lost confidence in myself but choosing SnapCorrect was a good decision. The outcome was not that quick but satisfactory. Also, their customer support is quite good. They offer good services at the lowest prices in the market.

I always had their back till the end of my treatment. If you also suffer from tooth problems, I suggest you try their services. You will not regret it.



Aligner Quality









  • Cheaper Pricing
  • EMI Options Available
  • Clear Aligners
  • Free Whitening Kit


  • No Physical Location

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